Leipziger Platz in Berlin at sunset

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Berlin is Germany’s biggest start-up hotspot and is the new capital for venture capital. Here, entrepreneurs and those who aspire to join their ranks have the perfect environment for turning their business ideas into reality.

With around 40,000 new start-ups registered in the city each year, Berlin is Germany’s unrivalled number one city for start-ups. A new start-up is founded in technology-driven branches every 20 hours. The capital particularly attracts founders from the IoT and fintech scene. Berlin is a large, international city that offers an excellent market for testing out new products and services. It is the perfect playing-field for IoT Company Builder Next Big Thing AG. Next Big Thing AG seeks to enable companies of every size to develop their own efficient IoT solutions. These projects can be undertaken in a whole number of innovation hubs located in Berlin. Since 2014, Factory Berlin has been offering over 16,000 square metres of development space for young and established companies alike to develop new and innovative concepts. The scene is also booming in the fintech sector. FinLeap, an international company-builder focusing on the financial services sector, specifically chose Berlin to be the headquarters of its international activities.

The conditions for start-ups in Berlin are good. Office and location-based costs are much lower than in other major cities. But what’s much more important is the large number of highly-qualified young people from right around who are based there. They are a real asset and make up 33.7% of start-up staff in Berlin, thus catapulting the city to the number one spot in a nationwide comparison. The high quality of life compared with the comparably low costs of living, the lively trend scenes, and the international mix are reasons why young entrepreneurs realise their business ideas here.

Start-ups without the grown-ups? Not in Berlin. Over the past few years, over 50 corporate accelerators, such as Lufthansa, Metro and Cisco have moved their innovation hub to Berlin and stimulate innovation development by providing their expertise. Make it in Berlin!


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