"Speicherstadt" in Hamburg

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Given its geographical location and easy accessibility by water, road, rail and air, Hamburg is an outstanding logistics hub for world trade and the leading logistics centre in northern Europe. Hamburg has always been the gateway for Africa, America, Asia and Australia into the attractive markets in central and eastern Europe. The advancing globalisation and the opening up of eastern Europe have enabled the city to build even more on its status as a leading logistics centre. We want this to continue. We therefore need to identify opportunities and challenges in good time, and the sector needs to respond accordingly.

With regard to the ongoing digitalisation of our society, which will impact massively on the logistics sector, the Digital Hub Logistics is to send out a signal. As a twin hub with Dortmund, we want to support the logistics sector and its SMEs as they embrace the digital transformation, attract digital stimuli from all around the world to Germany, and establish flagships with an international reputation by bringing SMEs, large firms, start-ups, venture capitalists, research and teaching together at a single physical location.

The logistics digital hub provides firms with the freedom they need for developing digital technologies and new business models; it also offers workshops for companies and start-ups. Co-working spaces, prototype labs and maker spaces make for an innovative testing and investment environment in which the logistics strategies of the future can be developed. Around 30 companies have declared that they want to become involved and support the hub in order to ensure that global players, SMEs and start-ups can do research together and develop innovative digital logistics solutions that can be brought onto the market.

Fields of action:

  • Partnering logistics companies, IT businesses, research and scientific institutes, start-ups, policymakers, regulators, and international partners
  • Creating the right framework for enabling and driving forward the development of innovative logistics projects and services. In order for this to work well, the business community, policymakers and regulators need to work together
  • Providing training programmes for those driving innovation, start-up founders, managers, students and pupils
  • Creating testbeds and room for testing prototypes and new products
  • Fostering communication, marketing and cooperation – including at global level


Karl-Heinz Piotrowski
Project Manager Digital Hub Logistics
Logistik-Initiative Hamburg

Wexstraße 7
20355 Hamburg

Tel: +49 40 2270 19-36
E-mail: khp@hamburg-logistik.net
Website: Logistik-Initiative Hamburg | Digital Hub Logistics