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Munich is home to seven Dax companies, thousands of small and medium-sized high-tech companies, more than 15 higher education facilities and more than ten start-up and technology centres. This makes the city the perfect place for anyone planning to start a tech start-up. The Munich digital hub is divided into a mobility hub and an InsurTech hub. While the mobility hub is run by UnternehmerTUM, the InsurTech hub is operated by a group of different Bavarian insurance companies. For both of these hubs, secure data and secure infrastructure is of the essence. This is why they are working closely with the cyber security experts from the Munich security network.

UnternehmerTUM, which is the Centre for Innovation and Business Creation at Munich Technical University, is already a world-leading platform where innovators from start-ups, companies and higher education institutes work together on new scalable digital projects, services and business models. With the support of Bitkom and the Digitisation Centre of Bavaria, UnternehmerTUM – through the mobility digital hub – is expanding the portfolio of digital innovation and start-up projects in Munich. The founding partners of the mobility digital hub are Audi, BMW, Daimler, SAP, Stadtwerke München, IBM and Nokia; MAN, ADAC, adidas, TÜV Süd and Infineon serve as supporting partners.

In the Digital Product School, UnternehmerTUM is working with IBM to deliver a digital training programme for innovators and start-ups in which every year more than 100 digital product managers, software engineers, UX designers and artificial intelligence experts apply the latest agile development methods to specific projects and use them to solve clients’ problems with digital products. Also, new experimental and test platforms in the field of mobility and smart city are being initiated and supported. The focus of the networking and pooling of initiatives and projects at city, Länder, federal and EU level is on big data, e-mobility and autonomous driving. Innovation and start-up events like start-up pitches, demo days and make tanks help systematically strengthen the networking between the mobility and IT industry, software and web companies, and to initiate new joint projects.

The changes brought about by the digital transformation can not only be felt in the mobility sector, but also in the insurance industry. There are many new developments and challenges that insurers need to deal with and that require them to adapt their business models and product portfolio. These include self-driving cars, peer-to-peer platforms, connected machinery and new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and data analytics.

Munich has the largest number of insurance companies in Germany, and also plays a leading role on the global insurance market. The insurance industry accounts for more than 62,000 employees in Munich, and for around 107,000 in the whole of Bavaria. Bavaria is home to many successful regional and specialised insurance companies, international groups such as Allianz and Munich Re and highly specialised InsurTech start-ups. All of these businesses, as well as partners from academia, the Bavarian government, the city of Munich, and companies from a wide range of associated technology industries are part of the InsurTech hub. Werk1 – a centre for digital start-ups – is a key meeting point for Bavaria’s start-up scene. In 2015, the W1 Forward InsurTech accelerator was set up to provide support for InsurTech start-ups.

Cyber security is a key for both of the hub’s sectors. The Munich security network consists of 120 firms and higher education facilities/research institutes, making it one of the most important networks in this field in the whole of Europe. Its services cut across the entire value chain: the network is not only providing advice, but is also developing hardware and software, and testing and implementing security technology. The Munich security network is representing Germany in the European Cyber Security Cluster and is organising the Munich Cyber Security Conference as part of the Munich Security Conference each year.


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