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Medical Valley EMN is a globally leading cluster for medical technology located in the Nuremberg metropolitan region. Under its roof, some 500 companies, 80 university chairs and research group, more than 20 non-university research institutes and more than 65 hospitals are actively working towards developing innovative next-generation healthcare products and services.

Digital health is the fastest-growing market segment world-wide, and the most important strategic field of innovation for all of the stakeholders working in Medical Valley.

Medical Valley serves as a strategic base for global market and innovation leaders. Apart from international groups such as Siemens Helathineers, adidas, Atos, Nürnberger Versicherung and Novartis, it also includes many small and medium-sized companies and a large number of start-ups.

By partnering global players, SMEs and fast-growing start-ups within at the digital health hub (Medial Valley), new ideas and digital health business models are to be brought to the market much more quickly than in the past.

By using targeted digital action, the digital health hub is to create new structures in the healthcare sector, change procedures, push innovative business models, stimulate innovation and thus improve quality in all parts of the healthcare sector. By working with a wide range of different partners – for example Health Hackers Erlangen e. V., JOSEPHS Innovationslabor, Medical Valley Center Erlangen and Forchheim – the digital health hub seeks to achieve the following goals:

  • Creating and developing representative databases that include empirical data about health-related issues and the progression of diseases.
  • Actively using big data and artificial intelligence for generating knowledge that can help prevent illnesses or help detect them at an early stage, and for improving the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Using IoT applications – particularly sensor-based movement analysis to identify new individual training opportunities for many different sports or leisure activities to find new ways to encourage people to be more active or live a healthier life.
  • Promoting patient empowerment and making patients a key part of the medical decision-making process.
  • Encouraging new start-ups and helping SMEs use the economic potential of this global growth market.

Make use of our excellent ecosystem consisting of businesses, investors, academia and healthcare providers to develop leading digital health innovations!

The digital health hub is being co-managed by Medical Valley EMN e. V. from Erlangen and ZOLLHOF – Tech Incubator from Nuremberg.

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