Potsdam city centre, old market

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The Potsdam MediaTech hub focuses on two sectors that are of vital importance for the digital economy of the 21st century: media and IT. In Potsdam – a city which has been known for its film and media production industry for more than a hundred years – the hub plays a vital role for bringing together storytelling and technical innovation. The combination of these two fields offers great potential for driving forward the digital transformation. Potsdam is where the oldest and largest film studio is based; where the first film university was established; where the largest private-sector-funded IT research institute was set up; and where the European market leader for film and TV services (UFA) has its headquarters. By combining Potsdam’s core competences – namely storytelling – with future media technologies and digital engineering, the hub seeks to target customer segments outside of the entertainment industry (for example by providing virtual reality technology to industrial firms).

When we talk about future media technologies, we mean technologies that have the potential to fundamentally transform the media landscape as we know it. These include internet-based and digital technologies, video and mobile technology, VFX and animation, games and interactive media combined with big data, for example connecting information related to the production and distribution process with large volumes of other relevant data. The MediaTech hub covers all of these technologies and also provides highly modern infrastructure. Based in close proximity to Berlin, the city is home to a modern and urban civil society, creative professionals from around the world, start-ups, and opinion leaders who are working together to bring about the next generation of innovations.


Andrea Peters | Chairman of the board
media:net berlinbrandenburg e.V.

Stahnsdorfer Straße 107
14482 Potsdam

Tel.: +49 (0)331-58565880
Email: peters@medianet-bb.de
Website: www.medianet-bb.de