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Digital Hub Initiative

The Digital Hub Initiative, developed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, seeks to support the establishment of digital hubs in Germany. The underlying idea of establishing hubs is that cooperation between companies and business start-ups within a confined area will boost innovation, especially in the digital age.

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Strengthening digital hubs in Germany

Silicon Valley is considered the most successful example of a digital hub with its combination of start-ups, large technology companies and excellent scientists. To follow this example, Germany needs hubs with international appeal/reach, in which German and international business start-ups, scientists, investors and established companies mutually support and strengthen each other. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is setting up a hub agency for better networking of hubs and is launching a creative advertising campaign abroad to make German hubs even better known.

Cooperation and networking in a common space is the breeding ground for new innovative products and business models. In this way, a regional “hub ecosystem” can be created. By sharing co-working spaces, the hubs can become meeting points where new ideas emerge and digital transformation is taken forward. Learn more.

Map showing five hubs in Germany: Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich

Trailer for the Digital Hub Initiative

The Digital Hub Initiative was launched on 17 November 2016 as part of Germany’s IT summit. The trailer points out what Germany hopes to achieve through the Digital Hub Initiative and the importance that hubs have for the German economy.


Five hubs in Germany

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Creative experts familiar with the start-up scene needed for the Economic Affairs Ministry’s Hub Agency!

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has published an advert inviting bids for the establishment of a Hub Agency. Federal Minister Gabriel said: “In order to network Germany’s main hubs, we are setting up a Hub Agency as a coordinating body. We want to find experts familiar with the start-up scene who wish to use their network and creativity for the German hubs.”


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